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Auction & Raffle Items

We are grateful for the support of the community and businesses who have donated raffle and auction items. We appreciate anything that can be donated (gift certificates, sporting equipment, hand made merchandise, memorabilia, etc).  Please contact us at if you have an item you would like to donate for auction or raffle.

The list of items currently available for auction are:

Item 101 - American Flag That Was Flown In Memory of Jeff Lucas

WHAT: Take home a special reminder and momento.  You can now fly a flag at your home or business that was flown over the U.S. Capital in Washington D.C. in memory of Jeff Lucas. Comes with a very nice show box display case.

VALUE:  $450

Donated by Senator Smith's office.


Item 102 - "Yucca Number One"

WHAT: A watercolor by David Calton.  It comes with a certificate of authenticity and is issue #133 out of 2000 limited editions.  It is an authentic giclee print with the artist's signature on it.

VALUE:  $240

Donated by Cherry and Lance Houck.


Item 103 - Burns Feed Store

WHAT: Go to Burns Feed Store for all of your gardening and farming supplies.  A $50 gift certificate to Burns Feed Store and a lovely rustic wall clock (measures approximately 18 inches).

VALUE:  $100

Donated by Burns Feed Store.

Burns Feed Store

Item 104 - Oregon Flag Flown In Honor of Jeff Lucas

WHAT: A rare treasure! Receive an flag of Oregon that was flown at the Capitol in Salem in honor of Jeff Lucas.

VALUE:  $250

Donated by: Representative Patty Smith


Item 105 - Custom Scrapbook & Greeting Cards

WHAT: A scrapbook is a priceless keep sake.  Nicole Caldwell will prepare a custom scrapbook using the photographs you provide (10 pages, size 12 X 12).  Just provide the prints and Nicole will hand craft a 10 page memorable scrapbook that you and your family will enjoy for generations.  In addition, Nicole will provide a gift pack of 12 greeting cards, a combination of of cards for all occasions - holiday, thank you and birthday cards.

VALUE:  $300


Donated by Nicole Caldwell.


Item 106 - 2005 Autographed Steelers Commemorative Football -

WHAT: A commemorative football signed by the entire 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers Football team.  This is the team that won the 2006 Superbowl!

VALUE:  $500


Item 107 - Tour of KPTV Television Studios

WHAT: Tour of KPTV Television studio

WHERE: Beaverton

WHEN: Anytime in 2007

WHY: Get a personalized tour for up to 15 friends or family from Mark Nelsen, Chief Meteorologist (and Corbett resident).  You pick the date.  Kids enjoy playing "weatherperson" at the weather wall and adults can sit on the news set.  You'll get to see how the news is made and what it looks like "behind the scenes".

VALUE:  Priceless.  KPTV doesn't do tours otherwise so it is priceless.

Donated by Mark Nelsen, Chief Meteorologist at KPTV and Corbett resident. 

Mark Nelsen

Item 108 - Two 10 Yard Drop Boxes

WHAT: A 10 yard drop box donated by Crown Point Refuse & Recycling.  Drop box delivered and picked up at your door, clean fill only.

VALUE:  $200.00 each

Donated by Crown Point Refuse & Recycling.


Item 109 - Playstation 3

WHAT: This exciting gaming system will provide you and your family hours of fun. Comes with the consolte (20gb hard drive) and accessories.

VALUE:  $500

Donated by: Larry and So Young McDougall

Sony PlayStation® 3 (60GB)(SON 98000)

Item 110 - Jars of Honey

WHAT: Yum! Yum!  Enjoy these 12 Jars of honey to make anything tasty sweet.

VALUE:  $60

Donated by Star Simon.


Item 111 - One Week at Coos Bay Beach Home

WHAT: The Rogers family beach home in Coos Bay Oregon for one week.  It sleeps 10 and is 50 steps from a 1 mile sandy beach with Cape Arago Lighthouse at the south end.

WHEN: Anytime in 2007

VALUE:  $600

Donated by Spencer Rogers and the Rogers Family.


Item 112 - Laminate Flooring - Installed

WHAT: 1,128 square feet of Scenic Laminate flooring.  This is a glue-less (pergo type) flooring.  There are 47 boxes total, 24 sq. ft per box.  The color is called "Buck Eye Oak Natural." This is a high quality ISO 9001 registered flooring with a 15 year warranty.

VALUE: $1,600 for floor; $3,500 for installation. (min bid $3,000)

Flooring donated by Larry and So Young McDougall.

Installation donated by Randy and David Lee at Hood to Coast Construction.


Item 113 - SUV Kit

WHAT: This handy SUV Kit by Legendary Gerber Blades includes a folding shovel, mag flashlight, axe, multi-tool, folding saw. 
VALUE:  $200

Donated by Mike Jones at Gerber Legendary Blades.


Item 114 - Big Game Cleaning Kit

WHAT: Big Game Cleaning Kit by Legendary Gerber Blades includes saw, axe, hunting knife and diamond sharpener . 
VALUE:  $100

Donated by Mike Jones at Gerber Legendary Blades.


Item 115 - Brunton Wind River Range

WHAT: Fire up the professional-grade Brunton Wind River Range for some excellent grub at base camp. Outfitters, guides, and those who simply want the best will love the Brunton Wind River Range. This sturdy, professional-grade range will help keep you and your family or clients well-fed in the woods for a long time. The stove's two burners crank out a total of 30,000 BTUs, and the steel grate will support you if you stand on it, not to mention that huge pot of pasta. You get precise flame control, so you can simmer and boil with ease. The Wind River Range comes in its own rattle-free aluminum case, and you can store utensils underneath the included cutting board.

VALUE:  $450

Donated by Mike Jones at Brunton.

Brunton Wind River Range

Item 117 - Bling! Matching necklace and drop earrings

What: Matching necklace (magnetic clasp) and drop earrings (pierce). Over 130 spectacular emerald and clear Swarovski crystals make up the matching set.  Perfect for a night out on the town or an evening with that special someone.

Value: Minimum bid must be at least $100.

Donated by Lyn Palmer.

(Sample only)


Item 118 - 2 $25 Nike Gift Certificates

WHAT: 2 $25 Nike gift certificates that can be used to buy any Nike merchandise.

VALUE:  $25

Donated by Mike and Gail O'Neil.


Item 119 - Lithograph Print - "Fish"

WHAT: Enjoy the art work of a gifted local artist Chris Tymoshuk. Original painting available or print can be provided to fit any size.  Also available is artwork in many different mediums. 

Value: $200

Donated by: Tymoshuk Studios. Tymoshuk Gallery is located at the Historic Springdale School. Contact Tymoshuk Studio 503-819-2621


Item 121 - Pen & Ink Drawing by Jerry Mishler

WHAT: A stunning pen and ink landscape by local artist Jerry Mishler. Includes an attractive frame.

VALUE:  $115.00

Donated by Jerry Mishler.

(Sample only)


Item 122 - "Living East of the Sandy"

WHAT: A collection of books by local author, Clarence Mershon.  “Living East of the Sandy” Vols 1 and 2.  In paperback and autographed.

VALUE:  $50

Donated by Clarence and Colleen Mershon.

(Sample Only)


Item 123 - "The Columbia River Highway"

WHAT: Limited hard cover edition - autographed by Clarence Mershon.

VALUE:  $50

Donated by Clarence and Colleen Mershon.


Item 124 - "View From My Window "

WHAT: This stunning oil painting called "View From My Window" is a limited edition piece by Elliot Fallas. The print comes with a certificate of authenticity, proving it is one of only 500 prints produced world wide.  It will come framed and stretched.

VALUE:  $500

Donated by Roy and Janet Altman.


Item 125 - "Park in Plano"

WHAT: This oil painting called "Park in Plano" is a limited edition piece by Michael Chausovsky. The print comes with a certificate of authenticity, proving it is one of only 500 prints produced world wide.  It will come framed and stretched.

VALUE:  $500

Donated by Roy and Janet Altman.


Item 126 - "Rugged Elegance"

WHAT: This oil painting called "Rugged Elegance " is a limited edition piece by Justin Sparks. The print comes with a certificate of authenticity, proving it is one of only 3000 prints produced world wide.

VALUE:  $250

Donated by Cherry and Lance Houck.


Item 127 - Two Airline Tickets on Delta Airlines

WHAT: Two airline tickets on Delta Airlines to anywhere Delta flies in the continental U.S. These are frequent flier miles so restrictions apply.

WHEN: Anytime in 2007

VALUE:  $1,000

Donated by Herb Sorensen


Item 128 - The Tingler® - Ultimate Head Massager

WHAT: Few things in life feel as sensational as The Tingler®. It gently massages pressure points and sensitive nerve endings on the head and neck. The Tingler® has exceptional healing properties, eliminating stress and tension. It is made from copper which acts as a conductor tapping into your electrical fields. A lot of people say their headaches disappear! All we know for sure, is that it will make you very happy!

VALUE:  $20

Donated by Donna Jenkins


Item 129 - Love Fingers™

WHAT: Love Fingers™ are fun! When you touch someone with Love Fingers™. Good vibes fill the air. A feeling of happiness and total relaxation makes the experience awe inspiring! Love Fingers™ are a magical conduit to absolute stress relief.  The acupressure massage technique is accomplished with the domes of the Love Fingers™.  Use small rotations and/or squeeze domes together on sore spots. Place Love Fingers™ on strategic pressure points and hard-to-reach areas. This helps relieve tension, headaches; soothe sore muscles; and stimulate circulation.

VALUE: $20

Donated by: Donna Jenkins


Item 130 - Total Rental Gift Certificates

WHAT: 4 $25 Total Rental gift certificates

VALUE: $100

Donated by: Total Rental, Brent Younker


Item 131 - Case of Oregon Wine

WHAT: 6 Bottles of Oregon Wine

VALUE: $60

Donated by: Bruce and Kathleen Reiter


Item 132 - 1 hour of air flight in a Cessna

WHAT: Up, up and away.  Take a wonderful flight in a Cessna to tour the Columbia River Gorge or fly over your house and take an arial photograph.

VALUE: $150

Donated by: RJ Connell


Item 133 - Thomas Keifer Photograph

WHAT: A framed photograph of a lightning storm in Corbett. 

VALUE: $135

Donated by: Thomas Keifer.


Item 134 - State Parks Package

WHAT: State Parks basket-  Where to stay in Oregon- including a park pass and Oregon State Book.

VALUE: $100

Donated by: Janet Deeder.


Item 135a - 1 Person Chef Dinner

WHAT: A 1 person chef dinner by Heidi's Catering.

VALUE: $40

Donated by: Heidi's Catering (Heidi Larson)


Item 135b - Custom Cake

WHAT: A custom cake catered by Heidi's Catering.

VALUE: $60

Donated by: Heidi's Catering (Heidi Larson)


Item 136 - Jeff Lucas Memorial Carhartt Jacket. 1 of each Medium, Large and Extra-Large

WHAT: Dark brown Carhartt jacket Imprinted with Jeff Lucas Memorial logo.  Constructed of durable, heavy-duty 12-oz. cotton duck, Carhartt's rugged blanket-lined Detroit Jacket is available in a Sandstone finish. Sandstone is micro-sanded and garment-washed for a soft, broken-in feel. The 100% polyester blanket quilted lining is warm and soft. Every vital stress point is bar tacked for extra strength. The collar is made from comfortable denim. Jacket boasts a full-zip front with a zip-closed pocket on the left chest to keep valuables secure. These jackets also have two front welt pockets along with a bi-swing back for freedom of movement. Made in USA and Imported.

VALUE: $100 each

Donated by: Julia Weaver at Performance Contracting Inc.


Item 137 - Wooden Sculpture

WHAT: A lovely wooden sculpture crafted by Bob Simms.

VALUE:  $500

Donated by: Bob Simms

(Sample only)


Item 138 - Oregon Basket, Include One Night at Bed and Breakfast

WHAT: One night at a local Bed and Breakfast at Cozy Cabin, located at the beginning of Larch Mountain Road.  Nestled in the woods with a walk that will get you to see the gorgeous Gorge..

VALUE:  $150

Donated by: Jan and Larry Franz and Traxler Friends and Family


Item 139 - Homemade Canned Veggies/Fruits

WHAT: 8 jars of homemade canned vegetables and fruits.

VALUE:  $45

Donated by: Sara Grisby


Item 140 - Shade & Flowering Trees

WHAT: Shade and Flowering trees—for your landscaping fantasy!! 2 sets- 25 trees each set of your choice from the current availability.

VALUE:  $250 per set

Donated by John Holmlund Nursery, Boring, Oregon


Item 142 - Handmade Quilt

WHAT: Handmade quilt by Becky Kilgore.

VALUE:  $400

Donated by: Becky Kilgore


Item 143 - Multnomah Falls Gift Certificate

WHAT: $50 Gift certificate to Multnomah Falls lodge and gift shop.

VALUE:  $50

Donated by: Mark Davenport of Multnomah Falls.


Item 144 - Embroidered Sport Shirt & Hat

WHAT: Wanda May at Wild Rose Embroidery has donated two embroidered knit sport shirts and one hat.

VALUE:  $150

Donated by: Wanda May at Wild Rose Embroidery


Item 145 - Christmas Tree

WHAT: A certificate for a beautiful Christmas tree to brighten the holidays.

VALUE:  $50

Donated by: David Hazlewood Landscaping


Item 146 - Yard Load of Road Rock

WHAT: Two 5 yard loads of gravel delivered to your driveway or building site by Woody Davis.  Anywhere within 30 miles of Corbett.

VALUE:  $150 per load

Donated by Woody Davis.


Item 148 - Lamiglas Magx89 MTC-GH Fishing Pole

WHAT: The Lamiglas Certified Pro Salmon and Steelhead Casting rods are extremely small-diameter, power-packed rods that are the backbone of Lamiglas's broadest, most widely recognized family of rods. Certified Pro graphite blanks are molded on a smaller diameter mandrel using an improved resin formula to produce a rod that weighs up to 15% less than comparable graphites on the market.

VALUE:  $200

Donated by Larry McClintock at Critter Getters, Emergency Animal Service.


Item 149 - Stamped Concrete Patio - Lee Redfern Construction

WHAT: Lee Redfern Construction will help you design and then will provide all materials and labor to create a 200 sq ft stamped concrete patio (example 20' x 10').  There are 6 different designs available - 3 color phases sealing treatment included. 

Limitations: Anytime in 2007 and within 50 miles of the Gresham area.  Excavation, sub grade preparation, and pumping if needed is not included.

VALUE:  $3,000; min bid $1,500

Donated by Lee Redfern Construction

Concrete Impressions Inc Stamped Patio

Item 150 - Tranquility

WHAT: Glennda Field original watercolor "Tranquility" valued at $125 combined with a $25 gift certificate from Mia Frama toward a frame.

VALUE:  $150

Donated by Glennda Field and Cherise Miller at Mia Frama Custom Framing in The Historic Springdale School.


Item 151 - "Cherry Blossom Orchard"

WHAT: Steve Terrill photo "Cherry Blossom Orchard" plus $25 gift certificate toward a frame by Mia Frama.

VALUE:  $275

Donated by Steve Terrill and Cherise Miller at Mia Frama Custom Framing in The Historic Springdale School. .


Item 152 - 2 Hours of Limo Service

WHAT: Head out on the town in style.  Two hours of limosine service from Columbia Gorge Classic Limousine.

VALUE:  $170

Donated by Mark Stewart at Columbia Gorge Classic Limousine.


Item 153 - 1 Cord of Wood - Seasoned (Alder/Maple Mix)

WHAT: A cord of seasoned firewood - alder/maple mix.  Delivered cut and split anywhere within 30 miles of the Corbett/Gresham area.

VALUE:  $200

Donated by Gorge of the Gods Ranch, Kim Diebert.


Item 154 - Estate Planning

WHAT: Simple non tax planning wills for husband and wife with trust provisions for minor children; husband and wife powers of attorney and health care directives.  These services provided by Cosgrave Vergeer and Kester, law firm in Portland.

VALUE:  $1,000; min $500

Donated by Charley Huber of Cosgrave Vergeer and Kester. (thats Charley's picture on the right)

Cosgrave Vergeer Kester LLP

Item 155 - Guided Fishing Trip

WHAT: A One fully guided over-sized sturgeon fishing trip for 6 people on the Columbia River. Valid for 1 year from date of issue.

VALUE:  $960

Donated by Lee Freeman of Triple "S" Guide Service.


Item 156 - Handmade and Tied Quilt

WHAT: A treasure.  A handmade quilt which was hand tied.  Made by Judi Hoffman.

VALUE:  $400

Donated by Judi Hoffman


Item 157 - "Slave" For a Day

WHAT: Corbett High School Football player Robert Callaway (#21) has agreed to donate 5 hours of his time to help you do whatever you need.  Robert is 16 years old and 6 foot 3 inches so he can do a lot of work for you. He will stack wood, mow lawns, stack hay, clean stalls....anything you need.

VALUE:  $100

Donated by Robert Callaway.


Item 158a & b- UofO vs. OSU Civil War

WHAT: Let the bidding war begin...

  • University of Oregon Alumni can show their spirit by bidding on this priceless treasure of Oregon memorabilia.  It is an original two-page song sheet of the Oregon fight song, Mighty Oregon, from 1929.
  • Oregon State alumni can show their spirit by bidding on this authentic felt pennant from the 1960's in perfect condition.

These pieces are matted and framed by Scott Blake at 34 Sports. 

VALUE:  $200 each

Donated by Scott Blake, Owner.

80 NE Division Street

Gresham, OR 97030

(503) 665-3850

Mightly Oregon Song Sheet (circa 1929)

Oregon State pennant (circa 1968)


Item 159- Carpet Cleaning

WHAT:  Servpro will clean your carpet- up to 400 sq ft of carpet staying within a 50 mile radius of Gresham area.

VALUE:  $100

Donated by Adam and Lisa Pederson, Servpro


Item 160 - Two Nights at Norgard's Family Beach Home In Waldport

WHAT: This is a 3 bedroom fully furnished home that sits just 2 blocks from the ocean and 15 minutes from Newport, OR.  Two nights starting at noon on the day of arrival and checkout at noon on the day of departure.  The Norgard beach house sleeps up to 10 people. 

WHEN: Before May 1 2008

VALUE:  $150


Other Raffle Items

208 - Friendship Basket

209 - $50 gift certificate for Sherry's Restaurants

210 - Garden Basket

211 - Coffee Basket

212 - Bath Basket