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Auction & Raffle Items

We are just now compiling our list of auction items.  We need all types of items, so please contact us at if you have an item you would like to donate for auction or raffle.

The list of items currently available for auction are:

Item 101 - Epoch Full Size Binoculars (8.5 x 43)

WHAT: It began several years ago with a goal to build the best binocular. Take on conventional optics companies and give them something to chase. We searched the world for the highest grade, most advanced glass available and in doing so, became the only manufacturer to use SF glass in a binocular. To protect that vital investment, we engineered a magnesium alloy frame so durable it can withstand our most rigorous tests. Perhaps the most unique development though, is the Variable Speed Focus System™. This ingenious feature makes other focus wheels feel inferior. Acquire targets from 30 feet out to infinity with a minimal turn of the focus wheel and be shocked by the near focus of just 36 inches. Those building blocks, along with a multitude of other innovations, have taken the Epoch to the pinnacle of optical design and engineering.

VALUE:  $1,276 retail

Donated by Mike Jones at Brunton (


Item 102 - Solaris Foldable Solar Panel to Take Camping and Recharge Batteries

WHAT: The next generation of Solaris foldable solar technology is here. CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide) is the most efficient thin film solar technology available. By maximizing performance while optimizing portability, it makes the Solaris 26 a great choice for compact, high output solar power.

VALUE:  $450 retail

Donated by Mike Jones at Brunton (


Item 103 - One 10 Yard Drop Boxes

WHAT: A 10 yard drop box donated by Crown Point Refuse & Recycling.  Drop box delivered and picked up at your door, clean fill only.

VALUE:  $200.00 each

Donated by Crown Point Refuse & Recycling.


Item 104 - Tour for Two to Washington D.C.

WHAT: Two airline tickets on Delta Airlines to Washington DC.  Includes a personal tour of the U.S. Capital building, the Pentagon and possibly the White House by senate staffers who are friends of the Jeff Lucas Memorial.  Also visit the Smithsonian and all of the incredible monuments in our nations capital. Package also includes a gift certificate to Blues Alley The airline tickets are frequent flyer miles so there are some restrictions.

WHEN: Anytime in 2008

VALUE:  $1,200

Donated by Herb Sorensen and Ray Sorensen


Item 105 - Jeff Lucas Memorial Carhartt Jacket - 2 Jackets

WHAT: Dark brown Carhartt jacket Imprinted with Jeff Lucas Memorial logo.  Constructed of durable, heavy-duty 12-oz. cotton duck, Carhartt's rugged blanket-lined Detroit Jacket is available in a Sandstone finish. Sandstone is micro-sanded and garment-washed for a soft, broken-in feel. The 100% polyester blanket quilted lining is warm and soft. Every vital stress point is bar tacked for extra strength. The collar is made from comfortable denim. Jacket boasts a full-zip front with a zip-closed pocket on the left chest to keep valuables secure. These jackets also have two front welt pockets along with a bi-swing back for freedom of movement. Made in USA and Imported.

VALUE: $150 each

Donated by: Julia Weaver at Performance Contracting Inc.


Item 106 - Mystery Box by Larry McDougall

WHAT: The box itself is a treasure recently procured during a visit to Korea.  It is a music and jewelry box. No one but Larry will know the contents of "The Box". Here is how Larry described its contents: "Rest assured its value is $500.00 or above. Winning bidder, should have to open at auction. Those who know me, know that I,m full of surprises and or shit." 

VALUE: $450

Donated by: Larry and Soyoung McDougall


Item 107 - "Black Eyed Susan in Dew Drop"

WHAT: Steve Terrill photo "Dew Drop" plus $50 gift certificate toward a frame by Mia Frama.

VALUE:  $175

Donated by local artistSteve Terrill and Cherise Miller at Mia Frama Custom Framing in The Historic Springdale School. .


Item 108 - 6 Bottles of Vino

WHAT: Six bottles of Oak Knoll red wine for your enjoyment and some lovely wine glasses!

VALUE:  $200

Donated by Bruce and Kathleen Reiter.


Item 109 - Blue Herron Metal Sculpture

WHAT: Lovely hand made scuplture of the magestic blue herron.  Crafted by local Larch Mountain Artisan, Jay Burchak.

VALUE:  $135

Donated by Dee Olcott


Item 110 - The Oregon Basket

WHAT: A lovely basket filled with items from Oregon, including candy, jellies, soaps, jewelry, scarf, smoked salmon and moose.

VALUE:  $100

Donated by friends and family of Linda Traxler


Item 111 - A Childs Treasure

WHAT: Cute mini-suit cases filled with childrens books and more.

VALUE:  $100

Donated by friends and family of Linda Traxler


Item 112 - Tour of KPTV Television Studios

WHAT: Tour of KPTV Television studio

WHERE: Beaverton

WHEN: Anytime before March 2009

WHY: Get a personalized tour for up to 15 friends or family from Mark Nelsen, Chief Meteorologist (and Corbett resident).  You pick the date.  Kids enjoy playing "weatherperson" at the weather wall and adults can sit on the news set.  You'll get to see how the news is made and what it looks like "behind the scenes".

VALUE:  Priceless.  KPTV doesn't do tours otherwise so it is priceless.

Donated by Mark Nelsen, Chief Meteorologist at KPTV and Corbett resident. 

Mark Nelsen

Item 114 - Guided Fishing Trip

WHAT: A One fully guided over-sized sturgeon fishing trip for 6 people on the Columbia River. Valid for 1 year from date of issue.

VALUE:  $960

Donated by Lee Freeman of Triple "S" Guide Service.


Item 115 - Painting: "The New Creation"

WHAT: A lovely piece of artwork, fully framed.  Outstanding colors show God's handy work.

VALUE: $450

Donated by: Roy and Janet Altman


Item 116 - Painting: "Gathering" by duBois

WHAT: A lovely piece of artwork, fully framed.  Noah gathering everything for the Arc

VALUE: $450

Donated by: Roy and Janet Altman


Item 117 - Painting: "Farmers Market" by Steve Grey

WHAT: A lovely piece of artwork, fully framed.  Beautiful colors that jump out at you.

VALUE: $300

Donated by: Roy and Janet Altman



Item 118 - Elk Antler Lamp

WHAT: A truly unique, hand made piece.  A lamp made from elk antlers.

VALUE: $125

Donated by: Eric Macy


Item 119 - Handmade Kite

WHAT: This is a very special gift.  It is a 10' delta and is signed by Phil Burks in Jeff's memory. It is a one of a kind.  It is all hand appique and the 8 stars are for each member of SEAL Team 10 lost on that day. It has a fibergalss frame, RWB streamers, 130lb flying line and custom carry bag. Phil will be happy to assist with flying lessons. Phil and his wife design, fly large kites and perform routines all over at feativals and events as well as just on their own and are part of a team that set a world kite record in October at Ocean Shores Washington.

VALUE: $200

Donated by: Phil Burks


Item 120 - Yard Load of Road Rock

WHAT: Two 5 yard loads of gravel delivered to your driveway or building site by Woody Davis.  Anywhere within 30 miles of Corbett.

VALUE:  $150 per load

Donated by Davis Excavation.


Item 121 - "East of the Sandy: The Two World Wars"

WHAT: Autographed limited edition - Now printed only for special orders.

VALUE:  $50 per

Donated by Clarence and Colleen Mershon


Item 122 - "Living East of the Sandy"

WHAT: A collection of books by local author, Clarence Mershon.  “Living East of the Sandy” Vols 1 and 2.  In paperback and autographed.

VALUE:  $100

Donated by Clarence and Colleen Mershon.


Item 123 - "The Columbia River Highway: From The Sea to the Wheatfields of Eastern Oregon"

WHAT: An autographed limited edition hard back - only 200 copies in circulation.

VALUE:  $100

Donated by Clarence and Colleen Mershon.


Item 124 - Rare Korean Jade Ball

WHAT: This extremely rare solid Korean Jade Ball with intricate wood stand was recently procured by Larry and Soyoung McDougall on their trip to Korea. The stand itself is amazing as it is carved from one piece of wood but is totally moveable. Aproximate weight is 10 pounds

VALUE:  Value is unknown.  We will start bidding at $200.

Donated by Larry and Soyoung McDougall.


Item 125 - Music/Jewelry Box

WHAT: Larry McDougall has a second box that will be auctioned.  It is similar to the "mystery box" shown to the right here, but it is blue. What separates the 2 is that the
blue box is covered in rice paper, mother of pearl inlays and lacquer.

VALUE:  Value is unknown.  We will start bidding at $125.

Donated by Larry and Soyoung McDougall.


Item 126 - Baby Basket

WHAT: Books, bunnies, baby buntings and brags in a basket.  Now that is lots of B's!

VALUE:  $50.

Donated by Lisa Noreen.


Item 127 - "Douglas Fir Trees"

WHAT: Two 12 inch metal sculptures of the majestic douglas fir.  This was made by local artist David McBride, who is also a proud father of a Navy Sailor and Marine.

VALUE:  $100 each.

Donated by David McBride.


Item 128a/b - Lone Survivor Package

WHAT: Two packets that include the book "Lone Survivor" that recounts to heroism of Operation Redwing, bottle of California wine and an SDV Team One T-shirt or an Operation Redwing T-shirt.

VALUE:  $75 each.

Donated by Donna Axelson.


Item 129 - 1 Cord of Wood - Seasoned (Alder/Maple Mix)

WHAT: A cord of seasoned firewood - alder/maple mix. You pick it up and you haul it.

VALUE:  $200

Donated by Gorge of the Gods Ranch Ranch of Excellenc, Kim Diebert.


Item 130 - Garden Basket

WHAT: A basket for your garden - includes garden tools, gloves, seeds, etc..

VALUE:  $60

Donated by Phil and Barbara Burks


Item 131 - Fly Fishing Kit

WHAT: A fishing kit filled with approximately 75 flys. 

VALUE:  $240

Donated by Phil and Barbara Burks


Raffle Items:

201: 24% Lead crystal (small) candle holders

204: FOUR- Americana type candle holders with tea candles- supporting "Help America" Foundation-- supporting the troops.

205: Earrings and Bracelet Lovely hand made jewelry - matching earrings and bracelet.  VALUE:  $20 Donated by Dee Olcott.

206: JLM Cap and Shirt - Three sets of matching his and hers JLM cap and shirt. VALUE:  $50. Donated by Wanda May.

207: Multnomah Falls Gift Certificate.  Two $50 gift certificates to Multnomah Falls lodge and gift shop. VALUE:  $100. Donated by: Mark Davenport of Multnomah Falls.

208: Custom Cake.  Gift certificate for a custom hand made cake. VALUE: $60. Donated by: Chaema Stevens

209: Christmas Tree. A certificate for a beautiful Christmas tree to brighten the holidays. VALUE:  $50. Donated by: David Hazlewood Landscaping

210a: Burns Feed Store Gift Certificate. Go to Burns Feed Store for all of your gardening and farming supplies.  A $50 gift certificate to Burns Feed Store.

210b: A lovely basket of candles. VALUE:  $50. Donated by Burns Feed Store.

211: Total Rental Gift Certificates. 4 $25 Total Rental gift certificates. VALUE: $100. Donated by: Total Rental, Brent Younker

215: 4- $25.00  gift certifcates   from Historical Springdale Pub and Eatery

Certificate for Blue Berries at Klock Farms   

217: Navy T-Shirts - Donated by Donna Axelson.

218: Vengence T-Shirts - Donated by Donna Axelson.

219: McCormick and Schmick Cookbook from Corbett Country Market, Susan Leigh owner  Value $20.00

220: Sheri's Restaurant gift certificates.