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Auction & Raffle Items

We are grateful for the support of the community and businesses who have donated raffle and auction items. We appreciate anything that can be donated (gift certificates, sporting equipment, hand made merchandise, memorabilia, etc).  Please contact us at if you have an item you would like to donate for auction or raffle.

The list of items currently available for auction are:

Item 101 - "Don't Tread on Me" Flag

A "Don't Tread On Me" flag that has been signed by service men in Afghanistan has been donated for auction.  This highly meaningful and unique item will certainly be a highlight during the auction.

Donated by Rebecca Campbell of Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund.





Item 102 - Tour of KPTV Television Studios

WHAT: Tour of KPTV Television studio

WHERE: Beaverton

WHEN: Anytime in 2006

WHY: Get a personalized tour for up to 15 friends or family from Mark Nelsen, Chief Meteorologist (and Corbett resident).  You pick the date.  Kids enjoy playing "weatherperson" at the weather wall and adults can sit on the news set.  You'll get to see how the news is made and what it looks like "behind the scenes".

VALUE:  Priceless.  KPTV doesn't do tours otherwise so it is priceless.

Donated by Mark Nelsen, Chief Meteorologist at KPTV and Corbett resident. 

Mark Nelsen

Item 103 - Two Airline Tickets on Delta Airlines

WHAT: Two airline tickets on Delta Airlines to anywhere Delta flies in the continental U.S. These are frequent flier miles so restrictions apply.

WHEN: Anytime in 2006

VALUE:  $1,000

Donated by James Sorensen.


Item 104 - One Week at Coos Bay Beach Home

WHAT: The Rogers family beach home in Coos Bay Oregon for one week.  It sleeps 10 and is 50 steps from a 1 mile sandy beach with Cape Arago Lighthouse at the south end.

WHEN: Anytime in 2006

VALUE:  $600

Donated by Spencer Rogers and the Rogers Family.


Item 105 - One Cord of Fire Wood - Split & Delivered

WHAT: A cord of seasoned fire wood split and delivered to anyone within 30 miles of Corbett.

VALUE:  $200

Donated by Jamie & Chris Lucas.


Item 106 - Two Nights At Elk Creek Lodge

WHAT: Two nights at the Elk Creek Lodge, a beautiful beach home at Cannon Beach Oregon.  This cozy home is just a few steps from the beach and features a large stone fire place, sleeping for nine, whirl pool and sauna.

WHEN: Anytime in 2006

VALUE:  $400

Donated by Herb & Marilyn Sorensen.


Item 107 - Toni Lynn Auble Fine Art

WHAT: An original creation by Toni Lynn Auble, artist from Corbett, Oregon.  Toni expresses art through paintings & illustration done in pen and ink, graphite, watercolor, or acrylic.  Her love of animals in wildlife, landscapes, & portraits have given her a gift to capture not only the image but also the heart and soul of her subject.

VALUE:  $150

Donated by Toni Lynn Auble Fine Art.

(sample only)


Item 108 - Styring 'Wit & Whimsy' Sampler

WHAT: A wooden gift box from Styring Vineyards in Newberg, Oregon.  Gift box includes a bottle of Wit Reserve Pinot Noir and Whimsy Riesling. Styring Vineyards specializes in Pinot Noir and Riesling Varietals.  They believe in crafting artisan wines that they enjoy drinking. Each hand-crafted wine is wonderful to enjoy immediately or, when carefully cellared, robust enough for the best collections.
VALUE:  $75

Donated by Kelley Styring at Styring Vineyards.


Item 109 - Paris Cafe by Michael Chausovsky

WHAT: This stunning print called Paris Cafe is a limited edition piece by Michael Chausovsky. The print comes with a certificate of authenticity, proving it is one of only 650 prints produced world wide.  It will come framed and stretched.

VALUE:  $1,500

Donated by Roy Altman.


Item 110 - Multomah Falls in Winter by Steve Terrill

WHAT: Breathtaking photography by nationally known, local photographer Steve Terrill.  This stunning photograph of Multnomah Falls in ice comes with a gift certificate for framing by Mia Frama Custom Framing in The Historic Springdale School.

VALUE:  $200

Donated by Cherise Miller at Mia Frama Custom Framing in The Historic Springdale School and Steve Terrill.


Item 111 - Blue Berries - YUM!

WHAT: Enjoy juicy blue berries from the Klock Farm.  Klock Farm has donated a gift certificate for either two flats of blue berries available in August 2006 or 3-6 gallon blue berry bushes available anytime in 2006.

VALUE:  $45

Donated by Claire and Beverly Klock at Klock Farm.



Item 112 - Custom Scrapbook & Greeting Cards

WHAT: A scrapbook is a priceless keep sake.  Nicole Caldwell will prepare a custom scrapbook using the photographs you provide (maximum of 10 pages only).  Just provide the prints and Nicole will hand craft a 10 page memorable scrapbook that you and your family will enjoy for generations.  In addition, Nicole will provide a gift pack of 10 greeting cards, a combination of of cards for all occasions - holiday, thank you and birthday cards.

VALUE:  $300

Donated by Nicole Caldwell.


Item 113 - Two 5 Yard Loads of Road Rock

WHAT: Two, 5 yard loads of gravel delivered to your driveway or building site by Woody Davis.  Anywhere within 30 miles of Corbett.

VALUE:  $280.00

Donated by Woody Davis.


Item 114 - Handmade Sunflower Yard Art

WHAT: Two handmade sunflower yard art pieces, one painted (as shown) and the other rusted.  A great addition to any yard or garden.

VALUE:  $200.00

Donated by Unique Metals.


Item 115 - Luxurious Spa Visit In A Basket

WHAT: Pamper yourself from head to toe with botanically based, deluxe spa products. Includes Therapeutic Bath Minerals, Nourishing Eye Pads, Lip Apeel, Herbal Serenity Foot Crème, Show of Hands Instant Manicure, Extreme Repair Hand Therapy, Microderm Abrasion and Warming Trend Green Tea Masque. Head to toe treatments like these can easily cost $400 or more at a luxury day spa.  You can have this wonderful relaxed feeling and soft, smooth, younger looking skin at your fingertips.

VALUE:  $250.00+

Donated by Donna Jenkins at:



Item 116 - Antique Bookends From Senator Stevens

WHAT: A Pair of Lincoln Memorial Bronze Antique Bookends made by Jennings Brothers circa 1930. These rare pieces were donated by The Honorable Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska.  Senator Stevens selected these items from his personal collection for use by the Jeff Lucas Memorial Fund. Senator Stevens is a WWII veteran who flew with the Flying Tigers in the China/ Burma theater and is a Distinguished Flying Cross recipient. He is also chairman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. Senator Stevens is the President Pro Tempore and is third in the line of presidential succession, behind the Vice President and the Speaker of the House.

VALUE:  $650.00

Donated by Senator Stevens.


Item 117 - Stay at Rustic Mountain Air Motel

WHAT: One night stay at the rustic Mt Air Motel. The Mt Air sits within walking distance from the Wildwood Recreation area and the Salmon River. After a long day of hiking you can come back to your queen room with a wood burning fireplace.

VALUE:  $75.00

Donated by Mountain Air Motel.


Item 118 - Interior Design Consultation by "Celebrate Me Home"

WHAT: Fix up an old room or decorate a new home with a pros advice.  Celebrate Me Home Interior Design will provide two hours of interior design consultation to help bring your home to life.

VALUE:  $150.00

Donated by Celebrate Me Home.


Item 119 - Pen & Ink Drawing by Jerry Mishler

WHAT: A stunning pen and ink land scape by local artist Jerry Mishler.  Jerry is having a show at Cassidy's in Portland on Sunday, March 19 from 2-4 and will run for 2 months thereafter.

VALUE:  $115.00

Donated by Jerry Mishler.

(Sample picture)


Item 120 - Garden Fresh Vegetables All Summer

WHAT: Sara Grigsby of Benfield Farm will deliver fresh organic vegetables to your door (anywhere in the Portland area).  Four times during the summer as the vegetables come in, you will receive enough vegetables for your family (up to family of 6).  Includes tomatoes, broccoli, squash, potatoes, green beans, carrots and more. From my home to yours with love!

VALUE:  $100.00

Donated by Sara Grigsby, Benfield Farm.


Item 121 - Shore Pine Sculpture

WHAT: Cliff side wind swept Shore Pine approximately 36” tall and 22” wide with a bird landing in the upper branches (photo available soon). It is made of steel, copper, brass and bronze.

VALUE:  $1,000.00

Donated by DAVID McBRIDE.


Item 122 - NIKE Beaverton Employee Store Pass

WHAT: If you aren't a NIKE employee, this is a once in a life time opportunity.  Most items are priced at 50% off retail and you can buy as much as you want during one visit.  This pass is only good for you, your spouse and children (under 18).

VALUE:  priceless!

Donated by Patricia Graser at NIKE.


Item 123 - NIKE Childrens Shoes

WHAT: Several pairs of NIKE shoes for children.  More details available soon.


Donated by Patricia Graser at NIKE.


Item 124 - Summer Program Camp at Old McDonald's Farm

WHAT: OMF has donated one pass to one of its six regular Summer Program sessions. These six sessions are offered to children who will be in the 2nd through 6th grade during the 2006/2007 school year.  Each regular Summer Program session runs Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. sharp to 3:25 daily. Session I: June 26-30, Session II: July 10-14, Session III: July 17-21, Session IV(4): July 31-August 4, Session V(5): August 14-18 and Session VI(6): August 21-25.

VALUE:  $163.00

Donated by Stephanie Rickert at Old McDonald's Farm.


Item 125 - Two 10 Yard Drop Boxes

WHAT: A 10 yard drop box donated by Crown Point Refuse & Recycling.  Drop box delivered and picked up at your door, clean fill only.

VALUE:  $200.00 each

Donated by Crown Point Refuse & Recycling.


Item 126 - Ruger M77 Mark II 30-06 Stainless Steel Bolt Action Rifle With Scope

WHAT: Ruger M77 Mark II 30-06 Stainless Steel Bolt Action Rifle with Synthetic Stock, Leopold Gold Ring Vari X III 4.5-14 X50mm scope Harris Springloaded adjustable bipod.  Rifle is in perfect condition and ready to go. It has had about 20 rounds fired through it for sighting in.  Included with it is a hardshell case and sling. A complete turnkey package ready for long distance shooting. No ammo comes with it. Buyer must be at least 18 years of age, NOT a convicted felon, and currently warrant free.

VALUE:  $2090.00

Donated by Larry McDougal on behalf of MCRS Shipyards.


Item 127 - River Tour With Multnomah County Sheriff

WHAT: Take part in this once in a life time experience.  The Multnomah County Sheriff's office will take you and 3 guests on a 1 - 1.5 hour boat ride on one of its crafts: "Freedom" or "Liberty." The tour includes a sack lunch and will run from the Columbia River Office at 4325 NE Marine Drive either up to Multnomah Falls or down the Willamette and through the Downtown Portland area and return to the Columbia River Office.

WHEN:  Anytime in 2006.

VALUE:  $500

Donated by Sgt. Todd Laultenbach and Sherriff Berniie Giusto.


Item 128 - American Flag That Was Flown In Memory of Jeff Lucas

WHAT: Take home a special reminder and momento.  You can now fly a flag at your home or business that was flown over the U.S. Capital in Washington D.C. in memory of Jeff Lucas.

VALUE:  $150

Donated by Jeanne Mershon.


Item 129 - Antiqued Window Shadow Boxes

WHAT: Choose from 2- one red and one green.  37 x 37 x 7 inches.  6 mirrored panes and decorated with silk ivy.  There is a flower box on the bottom.  For indoor use only.

VALUE:  $125

Donated by Evan Schrenk, local artist.


Item 130 - "Yucca Number One"

WHAT: A watercolor by David Calton.  It comes with a certificate of authenticity and is issue #133 out of 2000 limited editions.  It is an authentic giclee print with the artist's signature on it.

VALUE:  $240

Donated by Cherry and Lance Houck.


Item 131 - McCormick & Schmick's

WHAT: A $75 gift certificate to any one of McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurants.  Enjoy!

VALUE:  $75

Donated by McCormick & Schmick's.

McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurants

Item 132 - Burns Feed Store

WHAT: Go to Burns Feed Store for all of your gardening and farming supplies.  A $100 gift certificate to Burns Feed Store.

VALUE:  $100

Donated by Burns Feed Store.

Burns Feed Store

Item 133 - Shade & Flowering Trees

WHAT: Shade and Flowering trees—for your landscaping fantasy!! 2 sets- 25 trees each set of your choice from the current availability.

VALUE:  $250 per set

Donated by John Holmlund Nursery, Boring, Oregon


Item 134 - 1916 Original Print of Vista House

WHAT: 1916 Original screen print by local artist Chas. W. Post.  The scene is of the Vista House and Crown Point territory.

VALUE:  $100

Donated by Crown Point Country Historical Society.





(Sample Only)


Item 135 - "Living East of the Sandy"

WHAT: A collection of books by local author, Clarence Mershon.  “Living East of the Sandy” Vols 1 and 2, and more…

VALUE:  $100

Donated by Crown Point Country Historical Society.

(Sample Only)


Item 136 - "Oregon Basket"

WHAT: “Oregon Basket”   --a treasure of items made by local craftsmen and specialty treats only from Oregon

VALUE:  Priceless (if you love things from Oregon)

Donated by Friends & Family of Linda Traxler.

(Sample Only)


Item 137 - "Vintage Glass Ball"

WHAT: Vintage glass ball with bead work.  Comes with display stand.

VALUE:  $45

Donated by Lyn Palmer.




(Picture for demonstration purposes only)


Item 138 - One Individual Tax Return

WHAT: Sarah Gordon, licensed tax consultant and accounting services provider, will prepare one individual tax return for an extended 2005 return or for your 2006 return.

VALUE:  $150

Donated by Sarah K. Gordon.


Item 139 - "Oregon Zoo"

WHAT: Spend a great day with the family at the Oregon Zoo.  Passes for 2 adults and 2 children to the zoo, which are good until March 2007.

VALUE:  $35

Donated by Donna Jenkins.

Francois Monkey

Item 140 - One Hour Massage

WHAT: Make all of your cares float way!  Kuns Chiropractic Clinic located at 405 NE Division in Gresham will provide an exhilerating one hour massage.

VALUE:  $100

Donated by Kuns Chiropractic Clinic.


Item 141 - Personalized NIKE Jacket

WHAT: Make it his and hers, or his and his or hers and hers...whichever you prefer.  Get two NIKE jackets with personalized embroidery of your name.

VALUE:  $200

Donated by Jay Jenkins at TripleJSports.


Item 142 - Titanium Bicycle Chain Mens Bracelet

WHAT: A titanium bicycle chain mens bracelet from Fred Meyer Jewelers.

VALUE:  $110

Donated by Fred Meyer Jewelers.


Item 143 - Gift Certificate from Boring Bark

WHAT: A $100 gift certificate good for all of your landscaping needs.  Includes bark and a wide range of landscaping materials (soil, rock, etc.)

VALUE:  $100

Donated by Boring Bark.


Item 144 - Christmas Tree

WHAT: A certificate for a beautiful Christmas tree to brighten the holidays.

VALUE:  $50

Donated by: David Hazlewood Landscaping

Item 145 - Ferraro Cellar Wine

WHAT: Enjoy a terrific bottle of wine with your next meal.

VALUE:  $30

Donated by: Nancy Graybeal


Item 146 - Commemorative Autographed Basketball Signed by 1991-92 Trailblazers

WHAT: Remember the team with Terry Porter, Clyde "the glide" Drexler, Buck Williams, Jerome Kersey, etc. What a great team.  Win this item and you will have a valuable keep sake to remember the "good old days".

VALUE:  $100

Donated by: Nancy Graybeal


Item 147 - Blue Heron Wooden Sculpture

WHAT: A lovely blue heron wooden sculpture crafted by Bob Simms.

VALUE:  $500

Donated by: Bob Simms

(Sample Picture Only)


Item 148a - "Coffee's On" Wall Hanging Quilt

WHAT: A hand made wall hanging quilt made by Paulette Merrill of Oregon City.This piece will brighten up your kitchen or breakfast nook.

VALUE:  $200

Donated by: Paulette Merrill


Item 148b - "America Land of The Free" Wall Hanging Quilt

WHAT: A hand made wall hanging quilt made by Paulette Merrill of Oregon City.This patriotic quilt features the best known quotes and statements about America.

VALUE:  $200

Donated by: Paulette Merrill


Item 149 - Cutter & Buck Golf Gift Set

WHAT: This gift set from Cutter & Buck includes an XL pull over wind shirt, a golf towel, golf balls & tee set.

VALUE:  $115

Donated by: Julia Weaver


Item 150 - Two Nights at Norgard's Family Beach Home In Waldport

WHAT: This is a 3 bedroom fully furnished home that sits just 2 blocks from the ocean and 15 minutes from Newport, OR.  Two nights starting at noon on the day of arrival and checkout at noon on the day of departure.  The Norgard beach house sleeps up to 10 people. 

WHEN: Before April 2007

VALUE:  $150

Donated by: Linn and Carol Norgard


Item 151 - Reflections of America Sculpture

ARTIST: Laran Ghiglieri, son of the famous sculpture

DIMENSIONS 58 x 28 x 23  

WHAT: “Reflections of America” features two majestic American Bald Eagles in mid flight with a beautiful American Flag woven between them.  With both Eagles suspended in mid air, this piece stands is magnificent.  A certificate of authenticity and a deed of ownership accompany the image.

It is often assumed that the Bald Eagle was selected as our National Emblem because it is unique to North America and a symbol of  freedom. There is no freedom without strife (even the selection of this majestic bird was the cause of dispute between Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson!).  Our history is colored by struggle. Where there is freedom, there will always be more than one voice! These mirrored eagles reflect neither the exercise of dominance nor the acceptance of oppression, but the balance between the two.  The American People strive to achieve balance, integrity and honesty in our “Reflections of America”.

Donated by: Rinascere Studios

100% of proceeds go to the Jeff Lucas Memorial Fund.


Item 152 - Certificate for Autographed Blazers Basketball

WHAT: The a Blazers basketball autographed by all current Trail Blazer players.

VALUE:  $100

Donated by: Portland Trail Blazers


Item 153 - Oregon Flag Flown In Honor of Jeff Lucas

WHAT: A rare treasure! Receive an flag of Oregon that was flown at the Capitol in Salem in honor of Jeff Lucas.

VALUE:  $100

Donated by: Representative Patty Smith


Item 154 - PartyLite Candle Basket

WHAT: Basket of scented candles, including Paris retro tealight lamp, Gardenlites pillar holder, 2 dozen tealight candles, 1 dozen votive candles, a votive sampler set and a country apple barrel jar.

VALUE:  $150

Donated by: Julia Weaver.


Item 155 - Karlsson Brewing Co. Gift Certificates

WHAT: Two $25 gift certificates to this new micro beer brewing company with a tap room serving British appetizers. Karlsson Brewing is a small family-owned brewing company committed to brewing fine handcrafted beers. Their family has resided in the local area for three generations. They maintain 4 to 6 taps with their own beers, along with 4 rotating guest taps. The will self distribute kegs throughout the local Portland Metropolitan area. 
VALUE:  $50

Donated by: Karlsson Brewing Co. at 35900 Industrial Way, Suite 102, behind Fred Meyer in Sandy.


Item 156 - Bandon Golf Dunes Resort

WHAT: Includes one night lodging in a Lily Pond room (2 queen beds) and 4 rounds of golf. Valid anytime until March 2007.  Subject to availability.
VALUE:  $1,000

Donated by: Bandon Dunes Golf Resort


Item 157 - Leaping Lizards Gift Baskets

WHAT: Three gift baskets from Leaping Lizards in Virginia Beach Virginia.  
VALUE:  $60

Donated by: Leaping Lizards.


Item 158 - Great Clips, Flowers and CURVES Gift Basket

WHAT: Gift certificates to Great Clips, bouquet of flowers and a certificate to CURVES.  
VALUE:  $50

Donated by Great Clips, Safeway and CURVES.


Item 159 - Total Rental Gift Certificates

WHAT: The place to go for all of your rental needs - four $25 gift certificates to Total Rental. 
VALUE:  $100

Donated by Brent Younker at Total Rental.


Item 160 - SUV Kit

WHAT: This handy SUV Kit by Legendary Gerber Blades includes a folding shovel, mag flashlight, axe, multi-tool, folding saw. 
VALUE:  $200

Donated by Mike Jones at Gerber Legendary Blades.


Item 161 - Big Game Cleaning Kit

WHAT: Big Game Cleaning Kit by Legendary Gerber Blades includes saw, axe, hunting knife and diamond sharpener . 
VALUE:  $100

Donated by Mike Jones at Gerber Legendary Blades.


Item 162 - Wine Gift Pack - 6 Bottles

WHAT: Six bottles of wine.  
VALUE:  $60


Item 164 - Heavy Lead Crystal Bowl

WHAT: This lovely crystal bowl will brighten up your table. Orgin is Czech. Also included is a light blue flower vase.
VALUE:  $75

Donated by Jeanette Beutreau


Item 165 - Doll and Books Gift Pack

WHAT: A gift pack for a curious child.  Includes 2 Harry Potter books, a set of "American Girl" books and a cow girl doll.  
VALUE:  $100

Donated by Jeanette Beutreau.


Item 166 - Wood Sculpture

WHAT: A handmade wood sculpture by local artist Jeff Buresh. 

Donated by Jeff Buresh.


Item 170 - "Dole Patriotism" Book Pack

WHAT: The stories of one of America’s most successful political couples.  An autographed copy of “One Soldier’s Story” by Bob Dole and “Hearts Touched by Fire” by Elizabeth Dole.
VALUE:  $100

Donated by Senator Smith’s Office .