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Past Events & News


Ceremonial Ground Breaking

  • On July 4th we held a ceremonial ground breaking as part of the 4th of July Fun Festival activities.  Larry McDougall and Larry Traxler did the honors.

2010 Golf Tournament

  • The 6th annual golf tournament was held on June 28 at Persimmons Country Club.  It was a smaller group in attendance because the tournament was on a Monday, but everyone had a blast.   

2009 Golf Tournament

  • The 5th annual golf tournament was held on June 28 at the Resort at the Mountain in Welches, Oregon.  Everyone had a great time and $6,000 was raised toward the cause. 

2008 Golf Tournament

  • The 4th annual golf tournament was a success.  Nearly $10,000 was raised at the event at Skamania Golf Club in Stevenson Washington. 

2008 Dinner/Auction Farewell

  • The final Jeff Lucas Memorial Dinner and Auction was held on April 26, 2008 at Crestview Manor in Corbett Oregon. $16,000 was raised allowing us to surpass $150,000 in total funds raised.  Thank you to all of those who attended and especially all of those who donated auction and raffle items

JLM BBQ on the Patio

  • On August 25, 2007, Larry McDougall had a BBQ at his home in memory of Jeff Lucas and to raise money for the cause.  There was live music (Megan James & The Benders), Bar B Q; Steaks, Hamburgers, & Hot Dogs Sodas, Punch & Plenty Of Beer and a 50/50 Texas Hold em Tournament.  A great time was had by all.

2007 Golf Tournament

  • The 3rd Annual Jeff Lucas Memorial Golf Tournament was held at the Inn at the Mountain in Welches on August 18, 2007.  It was a success, with more than $10,000 raised.

2007 Dinner & Auction - The Making of a Warrior

  • The 2007 Dinner & Auction was held at Persimmon Country Club on March 17.  It was a success, with more than $20,000 raised.

Visits to Arlington

  • Community members have made many trips to honor Jeff Lucas with a visit to his final resting place at Arlington National Cemetary.  View some of the pictures and comments they have provided us.


  • Sorensen Associates sponsored a hood-to-coast team, the RFID's, who ran in memory of Jeff Lucas.

2nd Annual Jeff Lucas Memorial Golf Tournament

  • The second annual golf tournament was held on August 7th, 2006 at Persimmons Country Club.  It was a great success.

4th of July Memorial Concert

  • The 1st Annual Jeff Lucas Memorial Concert was an awesome tribute to Jeff.

Stadium Design Unveiled

  • During the Dinner and Auction, the rendering of the future Jeff Lucas Memorial Stadium was unveiled.  Click here to view the new stadium as designed by Group Mackenzie.

Celebration! Charity Dinner & Auction

  • The dinner and auction on Saturday evening, April 8 at Persimmons Country Club was a smashing success!  The event was a sellout with a total of 227 guests attending the celebration.  Final figures are still being tallied, but it is estimated that nearly $30,000 was raised for the Jeff Lucas Memorial Fund during this event. .

A salute to those who sacrifice continues - February 9 - 13

  • Jeff's wife Rhonda reaches out and supports other spouses who have lost their loved ones during the East Coast Survivors Weekend Conference.  One thing we have learned over the years is that out of all the things we do to show our support to the families of the fallen, nothing brings greater comfort and peace than to be brought together with other women who also have suffered a great loss. The great thing about this particular weekend is that UWSF, with help of local businesses and caring citizens, pays for the airfare, hotels and meals for the ladies for the weekend so that no one has to decide between putting food on the table, or attending a conference for their own healing. Visit the UWSF website for more information.

Stadium Plan Developed

  • Fund raising continues and planning for the stadium is moving forward smoothly.  Group Mackenzie has outlined a detailed plan for the stadium. 
    • The next step in the stadium plan is to obtain a topographic/boundary survey for the stadium site.  We are in need of a survey firm who will donate their services for this purpose.  Please contact James Sorensen at if you can help!. 
    • After the survey is complete, Group Mackenzie will prepare a preliminary site design (on CAD) using electronic survey data to determine general stadium, field and track layout.  Group Mackenzie has agreed to donate these services (estimated to be about $5,000).
    • Next we will request and attend a pre-application conference with Multnomah County to determine what public approvals and standards will apply to the project.
    • Based on project scope and information provided by County Staff, it may be necessary to obtain land use approvals (e.g. conditional use). 
    • Assuming land use approvals are obtained or not required, the next step will be to prepare construction documents for building permit review by Multnomah County.  During this step, an engineer will be required to design the footings and be the "engineer of record" for the project.  Again, if you are available to donate these services, please contact us.  At this stage, county building permit fees will also be required.
    • The final step is construction.
  • Visit the Stadium Fund page to learn more.

Arlington National Cemetery Service

October 21, 2005 at 1pm

  • Jeff was laid to rest on October 21 at Arlington National Cemetary in Arlington Virginia. May he rest in peace.

Stadium Planning Progresses

  • The architectural and planning firm Group Mackenzie has agreed to help with the stadium design and planning process. Thank you Group Mackenzie! Visit the Stadium Fund page to learn more.

1st Annual Jeff Lucas Memorial Golf Tournament

October 15, 2005

  • The first annual Jeff Lucas Memorial Golf Tournament was a smashing success.  More than 110 golfers and a dozen volunteers participated in the event which raised more than $15,000.

Jeff's Birthday

September 17, 2005

  • September 17 would have been Jeff's 34th birthday.  Happy birthday Jeff.  We all miss you!

"Sunday for Seth"

September 11, 2005

  • This was a very successful event!  About 130 of Jeff's friends, teammates and family attended the lunch at Frederico's Italian Eatery in Virginia Beach.  This was an event organized to help Seth deal with the tragedy by showing him all of "daddy's friends who miss him."  The funds raised go into the Seth A. Lucas fund.

Retirement of #44

September 9, 2005

  • Jeff's football jersey, number forty-four, was retired at a ceremony before Corbett High School's first home football game on September 9.  It was covered by local television and news paper media.  "Little Train Lucas" will be remembered at CHS forever.

Jeff Lucas Memorial Fund Board

  • Through our association with Corbett Education Foundation, the JLMF is now a tax free charitable organization.  All contributions are tax deductible.  Learn more about about the JLMF organization.

Press Clippings

  • Download the latest press clippings, including the article about the retirement of Jeff's football jersey at the Corbett High School football game on September 9.




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