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Our Sponsors & Donors

Due to the generousity of many individuals and organizations we have reached out goal and will complete construction of the stadium in time for the dedication on September 4, 2010. 

Our donors and sponsors are critical to our success! We have had huge contributions, both from in-kind donations and cash donations.  Both were critical to reaching our goal.  Thank you to all who have donated or sponsored the Jeff Lucas Memorial Fund.


Admiral Level Sponsors

Air National Guard - IRT - $50,000+ of in kind donation.

The 142nd Engineering Squadron of the Air National Guard donated all of their labor and supplies as part of a training mission.


Group Mackenzie - $25,000+ of in kind donation.

This group was the project lead as the engineer of record, the architectural firm and the organization that handled all of the planning/permits with the county and city.


Davis Excavation - $10,000+ of in kind donation.

Clint and Sherwood Davis have been instrumental during the construction phase of the project. 


Larry McDougall of MCRS International

Admiral Level event sponsor for the 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 Jeff Lucas Memorial Golf Tournament.

Cedar Ridge Homes

David Grey of Cedar Ridge Homes.

The Ted Berney Family

The Ted Berney Family (Barbara, Jim and Ted) contributed in support of the Jeff Lucas Memorial Fund.  The contribution was made in honor of The Ted Berney Family.


Herb Sorensen

Herb Sorensen donated cash multiple times to help us reach our goal.



There is an anonymous donor who provided multiple cash donations each year.



Captain Level Sponsors
$1,000+ donation


Matt Hagan, MD Trucking

Cdr. Pete Baur USNR (ret.)

Terese Runalls

Clarence & Colleen Mershon



Commander Level Sponsors
$500+ donation

Michael & Rosemary Giusto
G. Mark Holliday
Mark Haley
Randy Burbach, Twelve Mile Disposal
Craig & Sherrill Payton
David & Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Houck
Charley & Ronda Huber
Dena Hagan

Amagamated Transit Union, Division 757

Jeff & Melanie Aho

Eric & Rebecca Kilgore

James & Ardas Baker

Phil Arnold, Everhart Company

Barton & Strever, P.C., William Barton

Don Hoffman, CREST Company

Brent Younker, Total Rental

Linda & Larry Traxler

Rep. Patti Smith

Ken Sloy




Lieutenant Level Sponsors
$100+ donation

There have been hundreds of donors who have supported our efforts with $100 or more donations.  Each were critical to our success, but the list is much too lengthy to post here.


Many supporters also donated items for the 2006 Auction. Click here to see the generous donors to the 2006 Dinner & Auction.  Click here to see the donors to the 2006 Golf Tournament Auction..


Note: We try very hard to keep this sponsorship page updated.  However, with so many supporters offering different levels and different kinds of donations sometimes mistakes or omissions are made.  Please notify us if you see an error or have a question.  Also, as our donations have increased we have had to adjust the dollar values that correspond to each sponsorship level.  We are sorry for any confusion this may have caused.


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