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Our Mission

We honor Jeff's commitment to excellence and his sacrifice. Jeff Lucas was a warrior who died in the tradition of those who have fought and died in the countless conflicts over the past 2 centuries of our countries existence. He died in a struggle that has taken many heroes.  He died defending human freedom and liberty and the American way of life. 

Our mission is to honor Jeff Lucas and others who have died in the service of our country by building a lasting reminder and memorial to their sacrifice. A stadium grandstand and memorial will be built at Corbett High School. It will be dedicated as: Jeff Lucas Memorial Veterans Stadium.

The Jeff Lucas Memorial Fund believes deeply that we have an obligation to the men and women who fight and die for our country. Most of us can't strap on a weapon, but we can honor their sacrifice by living a good life and, more importantly, by ensuring those who come after us remember the sacrifices people like Jeff and his family have made for us.  This is why we must not rest until this memorial is complete.  I hope you will join our cause in any way you can.

We honor the sacrifice of Jeff's family. We encourage and promote the support of his son, the Seth A. Lucas fund.





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