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Friend - Jeff Lucas Memorial


We knew Jeff as a great friend and teammate, outstanding athlete and just a fun guy.

While at Corbett, Jeff was a standout athlete. Despite being 5 foot 8 and 150 pounds, Jeff lettered in football and basketball all four years. He also played varsity track and baseball. The sight of number 44, "Little Train Lucas" rounding the right side and sprinting for a 75-yard touchdown was not uncommon. "28 Quick pitch" around the right end was Jeff's play. Jeff was also a terrific point guard in basketball. One of his most memorable games was when he lit up Warrenton in a 4th quarter tear that included four 3-pointers. To top it off, Jeff won the game in the final seconds after hitting a free throw. Jeff loved to practice free throws with his left and right hands (and then smirk at his coach who wished he would just shoot one way).

In addition to playing school sports, Jeff was passionate about skiing. We spent many days following Jeff down the slopes, through the trees, deep in powder. He loved combing the mountain to find the best jumps. Spread eagle, daffy, double daffy, helicopter. Jeff tried them all and crashed as we all did.

The memories are many.